Saturday, December 19, 2009

Things that happen at Walmart!

True Story:

Tonight I'm checking out at Walmart.. I'm almost done and I notice this lady behind me putting her items on the conveyor belt. She's wearing the same Bruce Springsteen concert shirt that I have. Here is how this conversation went:

Me: "Hey, did you see Bruce and the E Street Band in concert in Indy?"

Random Stranger: "Yeah I did!!!!"

Me: "Wasn't that soooo cool, that was the last time Danny Federici ever played with the band, cause he died a few weeks later"

Random Stranger: "I know! I am Bruce's biggest fan"

Me: (somewhat appalled that she would even proclaim such nonsense) (insert sarcastic snicker here) "No.. I am.. I even had my senior pictures taken with a Bruce Springsteen background about 100 years ago lol"

Random Stranger: "I have EVERY CD he ever made"

Me: "So do I"

Random Stranger: "OH cool! What's your favorite Bruce video?? Do you like the Dancing in the Dark Video?"

Me: "No, LOL"

Random Stranger: "Cause of Courtney Cox??" LOL

Me: " Yep!!!" LOLOLOL

Random Stranger: "I think my favorite Springsteen video ever is "I want my MTV".

(you have to imagine that I am looking at her like she has THREE heads at this point)

Me: "I win" (as I walk away)


****Dire Straits sang I want my MTV.. which is actually called "Money for Nothing"****

Peaceout Girlscout

Monday, December 14, 2009

To Blog or not to Blog.. that is the question!

Not a lot to blog about these days.. I hate to blog depressing things and that seems to be the state I've been in for awhile.

Brad had to take a big paycut, the Doc I work for semi-retired and took half of my pay with him lol, Christmas bills are here, Winter bills suck, Home-Owners insurance went up 900.00 a year. Yes, the decimal point is in the right place. Oh and let's not forget the fact that I'm being sued for a medical bill. The bill started out at 3400.00 (incurred in June) and I got it paid down to 1997.00 but didn't pay anything for the last 45 days (something about not being able to get blood out of a turnip) and so they served me last Friday. On an upnote, I can now say I've been served. lol

The economy is very very scary these days. I'm not alone in the suffering right now, I'm well aware of that. I am also not alone in my hunt for a second job. Which has been futile at this point. I have applied for cleaning positions, Medical Transcription positions, Walmart, Walgreens, and now I am trying for H & R Block. Seasonal receptionist. The problem is, me and every other person in the world is trying to get another job.

I considered going back to selling Tupperware. I did enjoy that and actually made a little bit of money doing it, but then again.. it's all full circle and the people who would be ordering from me are broke people now lol

I am trying to re-work my budget right now... actually if anyone knows of a good FREE program, let me know. I'm also trying to work with other medical bills (currently have about 6500.00 in Medical Bills) The problem is you go to 10 different places owned by the same main Hospital and you get 25 different bills. It's B.S. On another upnote, Brad and I will NO longer be pursuing any medical issues we have. We, being middle class (wishful thinking) citizens are the ones screwed by Insurance companies and Corporate America in general. (And people wonder why Obama got elected!?! Hello!!!!)

Here's what really pisses me off. We don't over-spend, we don't go anywhere (vacations, out to eat etc) yet we still are now living paycheck to paycheck. You can't take a 65 % pay decrease in your household and make it. How in Hades do people with only one income survive?!

We do not have an exorbitant house payment, or lifestyle. I drive a Kia for God's sake! Brad has a 99 pickup.. (sigh)

How are people surviving?!?! Seriously! I swear it would be so much easier to be a scum bag. Damn my parents for raising me with morals and values. They suck. (Yes, the parents and the morals thing)

I tell ya what if I won the lottery (yes I know I talk about winning the lottery a lot, but don't worry I haven't had any extra money to buy tickets) I would probably be close to broke again because I would help out so many people like me. People who work their asses off and get nothing to show for it. It's discouraging.

Well anyway.. so this is why I haven't blogged lately. It's just pissy blogging. Nothing funny or fun to share, so I don't like to.

Peaceout Girlscout