Saturday, March 5, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

I am so freaking aggravated today.  Yesterday a news station posed a question on Facebook about "A report shows most people are at least 2 months behind on their mortgage and in danger of foreclosure..Are you?"   I CAN NOT believe the holier than thou comments that people made! 

For example:  "No, we pay our bills"  "Follow the Dave Ramsey plan and get it together".   Are you freaking kidding me!?!!  

All it takes is one major illness to practically or to actually bankrupt a family.  I know!  Banks do not want to work with you, but what are they going to do with your house when you lose it?  It will sit unoccupied for months/years and they will "eat" a majority of what you owe on it.  It's pitiful that in this Country people have to lose their homes in order to stay alive.  

I am so sick of it.  I am so sick of robbing Peter to pay Paul.  I am so sick of people who "know" your situation.  You don't!  Shut up!  I don't ask anyone for help, will NEVER ask anyone for help and walk or fall on my face all on my own.  Yet when you call your bank and say, is there anyway to put this payment onto the end of the loan or can I just pay the interest, or anything and them refuse to help... it's frustrating.  

Why is it that everyone else thinks they know what is best for you??  I don't tell you my business, I don't ask you for help, so stay the hell out of it.  

I hope you never have 20000.00 in Medical bills and get 3 months behind on your mortgage, but if you do, I promise to be sympathetic to you, understanding of you, helpful as I can for you, and at the very least pray for you.  I promise not to judge you.  AND  I will never be Holier than thou towards you. 

Something wrong with this Country folks, and It ain't gonna be fixed.  Ever.  

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Things that happen at Walmart!

True Story:

Tonight I'm checking out at Walmart.. I'm almost done and I notice this lady behind me putting her items on the conveyor belt. She's wearing the same Bruce Springsteen concert shirt that I have. Here is how this conversation went:

Me: "Hey, did you see Bruce and the E Street Band in concert in Indy?"

Random Stranger: "Yeah I did!!!!"

Me: "Wasn't that soooo cool, that was the last time Danny Federici ever played with the band, cause he died a few weeks later"

Random Stranger: "I know! I am Bruce's biggest fan"

Me: (somewhat appalled that she would even proclaim such nonsense) (insert sarcastic snicker here) "No.. I am.. I even had my senior pictures taken with a Bruce Springsteen background about 100 years ago lol"

Random Stranger: "I have EVERY CD he ever made"

Me: "So do I"

Random Stranger: "OH cool! What's your favorite Bruce video?? Do you like the Dancing in the Dark Video?"

Me: "No, LOL"

Random Stranger: "Cause of Courtney Cox??" LOL

Me: " Yep!!!" LOLOLOL

Random Stranger: "I think my favorite Springsteen video ever is "I want my MTV".

(you have to imagine that I am looking at her like she has THREE heads at this point)

Me: "I win" (as I walk away)


****Dire Straits sang I want my MTV.. which is actually called "Money for Nothing"****

Peaceout Girlscout

Monday, December 14, 2009

To Blog or not to Blog.. that is the question!

Not a lot to blog about these days.. I hate to blog depressing things and that seems to be the state I've been in for awhile.

Brad had to take a big paycut, the Doc I work for semi-retired and took half of my pay with him lol, Christmas bills are here, Winter bills suck, Home-Owners insurance went up 900.00 a year. Yes, the decimal point is in the right place. Oh and let's not forget the fact that I'm being sued for a medical bill. The bill started out at 3400.00 (incurred in June) and I got it paid down to 1997.00 but didn't pay anything for the last 45 days (something about not being able to get blood out of a turnip) and so they served me last Friday. On an upnote, I can now say I've been served. lol

The economy is very very scary these days. I'm not alone in the suffering right now, I'm well aware of that. I am also not alone in my hunt for a second job. Which has been futile at this point. I have applied for cleaning positions, Medical Transcription positions, Walmart, Walgreens, and now I am trying for H & R Block. Seasonal receptionist. The problem is, me and every other person in the world is trying to get another job.

I considered going back to selling Tupperware. I did enjoy that and actually made a little bit of money doing it, but then again.. it's all full circle and the people who would be ordering from me are broke people now lol

I am trying to re-work my budget right now... actually if anyone knows of a good FREE program, let me know. I'm also trying to work with other medical bills (currently have about 6500.00 in Medical Bills) The problem is you go to 10 different places owned by the same main Hospital and you get 25 different bills. It's B.S. On another upnote, Brad and I will NO longer be pursuing any medical issues we have. We, being middle class (wishful thinking) citizens are the ones screwed by Insurance companies and Corporate America in general. (And people wonder why Obama got elected!?! Hello!!!!)

Here's what really pisses me off. We don't over-spend, we don't go anywhere (vacations, out to eat etc) yet we still are now living paycheck to paycheck. You can't take a 65 % pay decrease in your household and make it. How in Hades do people with only one income survive?!

We do not have an exorbitant house payment, or lifestyle. I drive a Kia for God's sake! Brad has a 99 pickup.. (sigh)

How are people surviving?!?! Seriously! I swear it would be so much easier to be a scum bag. Damn my parents for raising me with morals and values. They suck. (Yes, the parents and the morals thing)

I tell ya what if I won the lottery (yes I know I talk about winning the lottery a lot, but don't worry I haven't had any extra money to buy tickets) I would probably be close to broke again because I would help out so many people like me. People who work their asses off and get nothing to show for it. It's discouraging.

Well anyway.. so this is why I haven't blogged lately. It's just pissy blogging. Nothing funny or fun to share, so I don't like to.

Peaceout Girlscout

Friday, October 16, 2009

Bruce Springsteen.. yes, again lol

What/Who has been an incredible long-lasting part of your life? Through up's and down's, in's and out's, trial's and tribulations?? Been there for you, comforted you, "seen" you grow, heck, "seen" you grow up? Always been there to turn to, always given you support that you maybe didn't even know that you needed??

In some very strange way, it's always been Bruce Springsteen for me. Whether I was up or down, I could crank some Bruce and he was always there for me! I'm ready to rock, I listen to some Born To Run, Feeling down? He'll be a bit down with ya with some Thunder Road. Feel like dancing? How about some Dancing in the Dark? Seems in every stage of my life there's been a Bruce song to get me through. The Rising, Tenth Ave Freeze Out, Rosalita... All of it!

The sad part is I have 30 years invested in this "relationship" with Bruce and I will never meet the man. The icon. The hero.

Oh I've finally been blessed (March of 08) to see him and the E-Street Band (including the late Danny Federici) in concert. Which was a life-long dream, and the most incredible experience ever. Barring the birth of my children I suppose lol BUT.. I will never meet the man. I will never be able to tell him the teenage angst he "saved me" through. The depressed days, the rocking days, the partying days, the melancholy days. And, lucky for him he'll never see the god-awful senior pictures he's "in" with me! LOL

Don't get me wrong, he's no God. He's not perfect. He is human. He's a dad, a husband, a friend to many. He's just like you and me ,yet he's completely unattainable. There is no way to tell him how you feel, what he means to you, what his music has meant to you. It doesn't seem quite fair that he can so intimately know you, yet you can't know him.

What is the one wish you would like to have granted? Except for the obvious spending time with loved one's who have passed? Mine would be to sit with Bruce for about an hour (okay well, an hour AFTER I regained consciousness) and just listen to him tell me about these songs I love. I always pick them apart, and try to understand them, see what he's really telling me. Would be interesting to know if I'm right on some of them.

I've read the Bruce books, bought ever album, tape and cd that exists, have every poster imaginable on my walls, watched every tv special there was and even seen the man in concert, yet I still don't know him. How can you love someone for 30 years and NOT know them.

You may think you are his number one fan.. but I am. Damnit!

Peaceout Girlscout

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Well, yet again I didn't win the lottery last night. On an upnote, no one did! lol

I was sitting outside with my four-legged son a little while ago and I was thinking, "Man if I won the lottery what all would I do??"

I know a lady who has Quints. Yep, that's five. They had two kids and wanted JUST ONE MORE.. well so much for that! lol

I do know her Quints are all in braces. They go where Brenna goes. I also know how much Brenna's braces are costing me. I thought, Man, I would so pay off her kids' braces if I won the lottery, or even if I could afford to!

That got me thinking.. Can't we all do something for someone? Even if it's not monetary?

So my challenge to you is to every single day perform a RAOK for someone. (Random Act of Kindness).

Let me know what ya do. Oh, and it'd be even cooler if the person that you do it for doesn't know you do it.

For example, every year at Christmas time when me and the girls are at a drive-up somewhere I pay for the peoples food behind me. They always honk and wave, but they don't know me. It's pretty cool!

So, go do it.

RAOK everyday. Let me know what ya do!

Peaceout Girlscout

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Danggggggg I didnt win the Lottery!!!

I woke up this morning and was SHOCKED to find that I did not win the lottery. How can that be?!?! I bought a ticket and everything!!! lol

What would you do if you won the lottery?? Being the oldest of five kids and having lots of nieces and nephews and friends I feel sure that I'd have no problem spending the money. However.. I'm not so sure anyone would know I won.

I would certainly claim it as a "blind trust" type deal. I would probably not take the cash option because I'm too giving.. I'd be broke in a month lol No matter how many millions there are to win. Now don't get me wrong if I don't win in the next ten years I'd probably take the cash option and just blow it. Let's face it, I'm not in my early 20's or anything!

The reality of winning the lottery is actually sort of scary. If you don't do it exactly right you put your family at risk. There are black-mailers who could easily make up stories about you, photoshop pictures etc. There are the risks of kidnap, and God forbid you actually do have a really jaded past, there might just be some real extortion.

I'm thinking if I won no one would know. Maybe Brad lol Seriously.. if they knew I won the lottery they'd think I won $100,000 or so. I would never tell anyone that I had millions. I would get with each sibling individually, pay of most of there debt, give them the amount of money that the law allows before it's taxed again (somewhere around 10 grand) and call it a day. They would get great gifts, I'd pay for extended family vacations etc etc, but to know I have millions.. I don't think anyone would know that.

I would want to move back home more than anything, but not sure I would. My girls have roots here, lives here. My oldest will be moving out soon and possibly getting married in a few years, my youngest wants to be a Doctor and intends on going to I.U. They have goals here.

Hmm maybe I would tell everyone how much I won and they'd all just move here!! lol OR.. they'd all just give me my nieces and nephews! lol That would work too!

Anyway... So what would you really do if you won 200 + million dollars??? I know you've thought about it!

Peaceout Girlscout!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A$$hole to Appetite


Why is it that the two things that men are most obsessed with about a woman are two of the major pains for women. Yep, I'm talking about "tits and ass". (henceforth referred to as T&A)

Women should get a base-line Mammogram at 35. I'm knocking on 39's door but have recently had an "issue" come up.

Wee bit of back story. I feel like crap. I hurt all the time. I'm exhausted all the time. My bones feel like wood being whittled away. I refuse to go to the Doctor. I refuse to complain. I refuse to look like a drug-seeker. I refuse to be poked, prodded, investigated, interrogated, jostled, nudged, stuck, punched, stirred, or even goosed for that matter. Sooo...

I start having horrible pains in my left boob (yes, I'm full of class) so because of a high family rate of Breast Cancer (and yes I know most Breast Cancer has NO pain affiliated with it) I decided it best to go see my Doc. I call...

Me: "Hi, my name is Lisa *****, can you tell me how long it's been since I had my last "physical"
Receptionist: "Somewhere right about the time the wheel was invented."
Me: "Ahhh that's right... well, I need to set up an appointment for a pap smear and and an overall T&A check"
Receptionist: "Curb your enthusiasm, we can get you in in about a month"
Me: "Awesome, I'm looking forward to it".

Now, let me tell you about this boob pain. It wasn't (read this as mono-tone as I'm saying it) "Wow, my boob hurts a little bit." It was, "Holy hell I am screaming my head off, grabbing my boob, stomping on the floor." and in public. NO matter where I was when the pain hit I had to yell out. There was no ability to stifle it. I knew no way I was waiting a month to stop screaming like an idiot in public and grabbing my left boob. Wish I had a nickle for every time someone thought I was having a heart-attack. Couldn't have been my right boob or anything!

I call back to my Doc's office.

Me: "Hi, it's Lisa ***** again, and my left boob is exploding off my chest and my nipple is more-than-likely going to fall off. I WILL take my bra off and my nipple will hit the floor soon. I should probably have her take a look at this asap."
Receptionist: "So you're having boob pain?"
Me: "uhhhh"
Receptionist: "We'll see you Friday".

Now, I am a very very modest person. So of course if I'm going to get pain it will be somewhere in the T&A area. For sure.

So I go to the Doc (and I do love my Doc) and she comes in the room.

Doc: "Hey Lisa... still smoke? (me: Yep) Still not taking Cholesterol meds? (me: Nope) Okay, we got that covered, so what's up?? (This is why I like my doc, no harping, but wants me to know she disapproves lol)
Me: "Left boob's blowing off my chest. Cool trick huh??"
(Insert image of Doc feeling me up at this point.. on second thought poke yourself in the eye with a pencil.. QUICK!! and get that image out of your head)
Doc: "When was your last mammogram?"
Me: "Officially a coon's age ago"

I told her I take a lot of OTC meds. She asked Why.. I said, because I hurt all over all the time. She asks what I take.. I said.."Excedrin back and body, tylenol arthritis, aleve, advil, tylenol pm and anything else I can find at the store that claims to help".

She says she's going to order my "yearly" (since I don't go yearly.. not so much) blood tests.

Mind you, I kinda feel blown off by her about whether or not the meds could be building up in system and maybe I'm doing the boob pain to my self. However, I let it go because I figure I can ask her more in 2 weeks when I go in for the lube and oil change.

I get a phone call Monday morning at work.

Nurse: "Hi Lisa, listen your Calcium test came back pretty high and Doc wants a repeat done ASAP.. can you come over now and do that??"
Me: "No, I work for a Doc too. I'll be over after work"

So I go in after work and the Phlebotomist used a Garden Hose to suck out more of my blood (seriously she should NOT be taking peoples blood)

They call me back Tuesday.. it's exactly the same, the first test wasn't a fluke.

I of course, google high calcium... and find Hyperparathyroidism.. OH MY GOD! Every freaking symptom belongs to me (and you too probably if you google it as well! lol) Then I read on that site. You should NEVER have high calcium (also, I hate milk and cheese so I'm certainly not picking up added Calcium in my diet) My Doc wants to wait a month and see what happens.

Umm okay.

Yeah, it sort of pisses me off. According to that site it says (and this is a quote) "If your Dr says, let's wait and see what happens.. find a new Doctor."

Argh. I went to school for a secondary education for what seemed like an Eternity. Constantly going back getting certified, (no comments from the peanut gallery on that one) making sure I knew enough to help people, and just enough to give my kids every disease known to man when they were sick. (Yes, sometimes knowledge is a bad thing) But I know nothing about Calcium. Except what I google.

I'll keep ya updated after I get another blood test done on Sept 3.

So there is a little lumpy dude in my boob. I have to go tomorrow for a diagnostic mammogram. I had to pick up my old films today to take with me to this "special" diagnostic place.

Pretty cool. My boobs fit in a little envelope. And here I thought I was amptly blessed! lol

Anyway.. that's my medical/life update.

Now, Just have to remember to remind my Doc on next Friday to take everything out when she's done with the "oil and lube job" so I don't clink when I walk and we'll be good!

Ohhhh btw.. fun thing to do next time you get your pap smear and your Doctor's arm is inside of you all the way up to her elbow (sorry fellas) cough and say, "Damn, Doc you're choking me". It's a good tension breaker! lol

Peaceout Girlscout!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Graduation, Oprah, Darius Rucker.. I think they all suck now...

My oldest baby graduates in about a month and I'm sucking at this. In fact, anyone who reminds me of this in any shape, form or fashion sucks too.

I TIVO Oprah everyday. I might not always watch it because it might not be something I'm really interested in but for the most part I check it out everyday and watch most days.

I almost didn't watch today. It was all Country singers. I'm not a fan. I don't dis-like Country music or it's performers, it's just not my preference. Though I do love some Travis Tritt and Toby Keith (I like the IN YOUR FACE kinda stuff... with attitude!) Anyway, it said Darius Rucker was going to be on today so I had to watch that. I had heard he "switched sides" but hadn't heard any of it yet. Those of us more prone to Rock will only know, or refer to Darius Rucker as Hootie. Let's just say watching this show was stupid. Okay, wait, when they talked to Kenny Chesney he talked about my man (duh.. Bruce) so that was cool. Onward....

What a boo-hoo'ing baby I turned out to be! Now, before Darius Rucker (Hootie) sang Carrie Underwood sang. She sang some song about a woman who's husband was killed at war. I'll give it to her it was a good song and it was even a little bit rocking. On to Darius Rucker. "It won't be like this for long". Wow.. Darius, you suck. Hard. I can never ever ever listen to that song again. At least not until AFTER Ashton graduates. No, probably never. (I'll go find the lyrics and post them at the end of this blog)

I know every parent at some point thinks, "I can't wait till he/she moves out, they're on their own etc etc". This is also generally thought of when you're also thinking of ways of ripping their vocal chords out, gluing their eyeballs into a non-rolling position or taking the bedroom door completely off the hinges before it can get slammed even one more time!

However, I have NEVER ever said that. Ever. What is wrong with me!?? It's not like I'm blessed with precious little angels who've never done wrong! (Yes, I'm blessed, but angels.. no.) Believe me, I've been through it. I just have never wanted them to go anywhere. I don't want Ashton to be almost 19, I don't want her to Graduate, I don't want her to start College, I don't want her to move out, I don't want her to do any of that!! (Insert mental image of me stomping my foot).

I just think kids are too young when they graduate. They should have to go to High School till they're 20. What if I didn't do a good enough job?? OH MY GOSH!!! This is my daughter who can't even order for herself in restaurants.

What if I don't know where she is, or if she doesn't get home by 12:30 (her curfew while living in my house) or if she ate, or what if I hear sires and she doesn't answer, what if I don't what she's wearing so that I have the ability to tell the police exactly what clothing she had on the last time I saw her (Yes, I'm actually serious about this.. I'm anal about knowing what they're wearing for this sole purpose). I can't go to sleep till the girls are safe and sound in the house, the alarm is set, Max is ready to eat whoever may come knocking, and Smith and Wesson are laying soundly on my nightstand. HOW AM I EVER GOING TO SLEEP AGAIN?!?! I won't.

Some might say I'm having a hard time letting go.

I'm never going to survive Graduation day. I'll be that crazy mom running down to the field-house floor screaming, "my baby, my baby, mommy loves you". Then passing out, being rushed to the Psych ward via ambulance. That'll be me. Who am I kidding!? Her open house is the day before and I won't even make it through that to actually get to Graduation day!

I don't like this, I don't have to like this, I won't like this. (insert stomping of the foot again)

This sucks.

Peaceout Girlscout


Monday, April 6, 2009

Things no one tells you about being a mom

So I was going to wait and post this tomorrow but turns out I have a bit more free time tonight so here goes!


1. You will not instantly know which cry stands for what. Oh you learn quick enough but it's not instant.

2. You will never pee by yourself again. If by chance you do get in there and get the door shut before the "little person" can come in.. you WILL see little fingers under the door and hear, "mommy.. whatcha doing??". I haven't peed alone in almost 19 years. True Story.

3. You have to take care of these little people no matter what you feel like, how tired you are, or no matter if you have a 105 degree temp and you're throwing up your toes. They don't care.

4. They will break your heart. One way or another they will, and they will do this repeatedly.

5. You will never become a master. By the time you figure out the perfect bottle schedule, they're ready for sippy cups, perfect diaper changing in 6.8 seconds or less, it's time to potty train, figure out a way to soothe their colicky selves, they outgrow it. You'll never have the upper hand.

6. You can't kill other people's mean kids. No matter how awful they are to your child, it's still against the law. I still think there should be one day a year, but no matter, Mr. Government doesn't agree. Now, if he was Mrs. Government and had children it'd be a whole other story!

7. They will someday tell you that they hate you. On an up note usually you're so pissed off that it doesn't really hurt you when they say that! lol

8. They will tell their pre-school, and Kindergarten teachers every single thing you say or do and god forbid you give them a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for supper one night that will be the first words out of their mouths to their teacher. Guaranteed.

9. They will get sick and it will hurt your heart like nothing else.

10. They will get their hearts broken and just as it is illegal to kill other peoples children, it's also illegal to kill teenage boys. Though I do think Mr. Government should re-evaluate this law.

11. They will grow up and leave you. This hurts the most by far.

12. They will love you forever.

13. They will make every single sappy song you hear on the radio bring you to tears. Examples: "I hope you Dance" ; "My wish"; "Butterfly kisses" The list goes on and on.

14. They will be your legacy, which is pretty dang cool.

15. They might well be the only thing in which you own outright!

There are a great many more secrets but alas, I'm afraid if I divulge too much the "Mothers" of the world will hunt me down and delete my blog all together. I think their theory is if they must experience all of this first hand, then so must you.

Peaceout Girlscout