Friday, January 14, 2011

I am so freaking aggravated today.  Yesterday a news station posed a question on Facebook about "A report shows most people are at least 2 months behind on their mortgage and in danger of foreclosure..Are you?"   I CAN NOT believe the holier than thou comments that people made! 

For example:  "No, we pay our bills"  "Follow the Dave Ramsey plan and get it together".   Are you freaking kidding me!?!!  

All it takes is one major illness to practically or to actually bankrupt a family.  I know!  Banks do not want to work with you, but what are they going to do with your house when you lose it?  It will sit unoccupied for months/years and they will "eat" a majority of what you owe on it.  It's pitiful that in this Country people have to lose their homes in order to stay alive.  

I am so sick of it.  I am so sick of robbing Peter to pay Paul.  I am so sick of people who "know" your situation.  You don't!  Shut up!  I don't ask anyone for help, will NEVER ask anyone for help and walk or fall on my face all on my own.  Yet when you call your bank and say, is there anyway to put this payment onto the end of the loan or can I just pay the interest, or anything and them refuse to help... it's frustrating.  

Why is it that everyone else thinks they know what is best for you??  I don't tell you my business, I don't ask you for help, so stay the hell out of it.  

I hope you never have 20000.00 in Medical bills and get 3 months behind on your mortgage, but if you do, I promise to be sympathetic to you, understanding of you, helpful as I can for you, and at the very least pray for you.  I promise not to judge you.  AND  I will never be Holier than thou towards you. 

Something wrong with this Country folks, and It ain't gonna be fixed.  Ever.