Sunday, September 20, 2009


Well, yet again I didn't win the lottery last night. On an upnote, no one did! lol

I was sitting outside with my four-legged son a little while ago and I was thinking, "Man if I won the lottery what all would I do??"

I know a lady who has Quints. Yep, that's five. They had two kids and wanted JUST ONE MORE.. well so much for that! lol

I do know her Quints are all in braces. They go where Brenna goes. I also know how much Brenna's braces are costing me. I thought, Man, I would so pay off her kids' braces if I won the lottery, or even if I could afford to!

That got me thinking.. Can't we all do something for someone? Even if it's not monetary?

So my challenge to you is to every single day perform a RAOK for someone. (Random Act of Kindness).

Let me know what ya do. Oh, and it'd be even cooler if the person that you do it for doesn't know you do it.

For example, every year at Christmas time when me and the girls are at a drive-up somewhere I pay for the peoples food behind me. They always honk and wave, but they don't know me. It's pretty cool!

So, go do it.

RAOK everyday. Let me know what ya do!

Peaceout Girlscout

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