Friday, October 16, 2009

Bruce Springsteen.. yes, again lol

What/Who has been an incredible long-lasting part of your life? Through up's and down's, in's and out's, trial's and tribulations?? Been there for you, comforted you, "seen" you grow, heck, "seen" you grow up? Always been there to turn to, always given you support that you maybe didn't even know that you needed??

In some very strange way, it's always been Bruce Springsteen for me. Whether I was up or down, I could crank some Bruce and he was always there for me! I'm ready to rock, I listen to some Born To Run, Feeling down? He'll be a bit down with ya with some Thunder Road. Feel like dancing? How about some Dancing in the Dark? Seems in every stage of my life there's been a Bruce song to get me through. The Rising, Tenth Ave Freeze Out, Rosalita... All of it!

The sad part is I have 30 years invested in this "relationship" with Bruce and I will never meet the man. The icon. The hero.

Oh I've finally been blessed (March of 08) to see him and the E-Street Band (including the late Danny Federici) in concert. Which was a life-long dream, and the most incredible experience ever. Barring the birth of my children I suppose lol BUT.. I will never meet the man. I will never be able to tell him the teenage angst he "saved me" through. The depressed days, the rocking days, the partying days, the melancholy days. And, lucky for him he'll never see the god-awful senior pictures he's "in" with me! LOL

Don't get me wrong, he's no God. He's not perfect. He is human. He's a dad, a husband, a friend to many. He's just like you and me ,yet he's completely unattainable. There is no way to tell him how you feel, what he means to you, what his music has meant to you. It doesn't seem quite fair that he can so intimately know you, yet you can't know him.

What is the one wish you would like to have granted? Except for the obvious spending time with loved one's who have passed? Mine would be to sit with Bruce for about an hour (okay well, an hour AFTER I regained consciousness) and just listen to him tell me about these songs I love. I always pick them apart, and try to understand them, see what he's really telling me. Would be interesting to know if I'm right on some of them.

I've read the Bruce books, bought ever album, tape and cd that exists, have every poster imaginable on my walls, watched every tv special there was and even seen the man in concert, yet I still don't know him. How can you love someone for 30 years and NOT know them.

You may think you are his number one fan.. but I am. Damnit!

Peaceout Girlscout

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