Monday, November 10, 2008

Lost Diamonds

So the other day I was sitting in the recliner and must have lifted my right hand to move my hair back on the right side of my head.. I felt this stab. I looked down at my hand and I sucked all of the air out of the atmosphere. You know, one of those incredibly loud and long inward sighs? I had lost the diamond out of my engagement ring. I was horrified, saddened and at a loss. I immediately started replaying every moment of that day in my head.

Before I get too far I know you're thinking I typed "right hand" by mistake. I did not. This was my original engagement ring, which was a half carat round solitare. I wear my 10 yr anniversary gift (Engagement ring) a full carat round solitare on my left hand, along with my "gotten over the years" wedding band and anniversary band. On my right hand I wear my original just plain "we're too poor right now to get really cool bands" gold wedding band and my half carat round solitare.

Anywho.. My hubby says, "What????" in a half scared sort of way, and once I can breathe outwardly again I yell, "I lost the diamond out of my engagement ring". His response? Where? Okay, "How the hell do I know??" (yep, that was my response) I thought, "Okay, I put in a load of towels, it could have snagged on that, it could have snagged on the blankets when I was sleeping the night before", so of course I search everywhere. Brenna helped me pull towels out of the washer (although we had to wait for it to stop cause the damn thing won't let you open it till it's good and ready) We checked the dryer vent, the laundry room floor, my bed, everywhere! I never did find it.

My hubbys response to this entire situation was , "It's no big deal, that just gives me an idea of something to get you later on when we have the money." "Don't stress about it, you're never going to find it and it's no big deal." "You shouldn't feel bad, shit happens." "Lisa, seriously, it's no big deal." This went on for 4-5 hours that day as I proceeded to tear the house apart.

Later in the afternoon Ashton (who was at work during most all of this) comes home and she says, "So was it the big diamond or the smaller one?" I responded, "The smaller one, but it was my original" All of a sudden Brad is laughing hysterically.. I'm like, WHAT is your deal?? FREAK!! lol He said, "oh my god, that's great news, I thought it was the carat.. I can come way closer to replacing the half someday"

It was so funny to me that he kept up the "no big deal" attitude all day, when in the back of his mind he must have been going, "OMG that's 3000.00 laying around this house somewhere!!!" Ohh it makes me laugh outloud right now even. He's a good guy. But... he is a guy.

Listen... I love my carat, but I was really upset about losing this. Men don't get the value of diamonds. (outside of the monetary bit of it)

Most importantly, it's my own fault I lost it. It's been snagging on stuff for months and I never took it to be checked. My carat does it too because I have a prong that's a bit wider than it should be. It's spread out over the last 6 years. I don't take my rings off for anything... why have them if you don't wear them all the time.. besides, they have meaning, so I wear them. I will be taking this carat ring to the Jeweler on Tuesday to have the prong fixed!

Use this as a reminder to go and get your rings checked. It really sucks if something happens to them!

Peaceout Girlscout

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Lauren said...

Hi there. Thanks for reading my blog. I have a 3 carat that is a family heirloom. I take it in 4 times a year to have the setting checked. I use a jeweler that does all the repairs while you wait. That way it never leaves me. You're girls are lovely by the way. I'll be back to read more soon.