Wednesday, November 5, 2008

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Well, Marching Band is officially over! :( and :) We went to State Finals and came in 8th place. I'm okay with that! These kids are so awesome and I truly love each and every one of them! I'm so happy to have been able to devote much of my time over the last four years to their lives. Mostly to Ashton's life of course, but I'm so pleased to have been able to be a "mom" to many.

I turned 38 years old on Monday, which was also Marching Band honor night, which I also bawled all the way through, and on November 3rd I became an Aunt again. Marisa Antoinette Erdahl was born! (Megan and Victor's baby girl) She was named after Megan's best friend Marisa, and Ashton Antoinette (my oldest baby)

This past Monday Ashton and Brenna started band together (Ashton marched and Brenna doesn't so they had seperate bands during Marching Season) I bet it's kinda cool being in band with your older sister, and especially since they both play the same instrument they're in the same section!

Last night marked a new Chapter in the lives of American's with the election of Barack Obama as the new President. WOW.. I am so happy to see that we as American's have finally crossed over the race line and realized that everyone is a human being. Oh I'm not naive in the fact that there are still a great many racists in this great Country (white, black, and yellow) but I say it's a GREAT testament to many before us that have helped us to be one people.

I won't go on about who I voted for, if I'm pleased with Presidential choices or what my other thoughts are because it's simply this; I am a proud American, I will stand by my President, I will continue to pray for this Country and be thankful that I live in THESE UNITED STATES.

I do wonder one thing though... what gives anyone the right to ask you who you voted for, or to chastise you in anyway for who you voted for? The greatest part of THESE UNITED STATES is the freedom to make choices. Good or bad. I have heard a lot of comments on the negative side of Obama today, why can't we try to wait, and look for the positive. What if he fails? So what if he does?? He won't get re-elected if he so chooses to run for office again. Maybe it's my "everyone deserves a chance" attitude, but come on people, shut up, accept what is and try and do your part to improve this big, beautiful Country. My vote is my vote, as my religion is my religion. It's simply not your business, it doesn't change the friend I am, the neighbor I am, the daughter I am, the wife I am, the mother I am, the sister I am, the employee I am. It's just simply my vote. I obviously have my reasons for voting the way I do. I don't feel I'm ignorant, stupid, un-informed, brain-washed or anything of that sort for voting the way I do. I've never been a "straight-ticket" kind of gal and I didn't start this time either.

I will say I was raised and have been when forced to declare a party, "Democrat". I've never always voted that way. I choose to vote on what I've learned, what I know, and what I see. It's personal, it's private, it's mine.

I belong to a couple of message boards and it steams me to read what some people write. ALL I read tonight was Obama bashing. Not one person posted in support of Obama, yet he was elected. I guess it's like, "no one ever bought a Michael Jackson record" yet, he has the highest selling albums in history. Go figure.

Anyway, I hope everyone gets over the anger and comes back together as ONE nation and we move on. As for President-Elect Obama.. time will only tell. I suppose I "blew" the whole I won't go on about the election comment earlier huh?! Ahh well, my blog. HA!

Peaceout Girlscout

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