Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm a rambling woman..........

I have the same question as everyone else on planet Earth. "How's come when something goes wrong it multiplies into other things going wrong?" (my H.S English teacher, Donna Wear would be so proud of that sentence!)

Isn't that true though? You can never have just one thing happen at a time! Ashton's car broke down (yet again.. fricking Dodge vehicles grrr) Car Insurance and everybody and their brother is due allll at the same time, trying to sell a camper worth 24,000.00 and people want to give me 8000.00. Bite me. Brad's company shut down for a few weeks so no pay there. Braces, senior pictures, graduation invitations, class ring,car insurance, health insurance, wisdom teeth getting cut out (1700.00) ouch!, higher gas, water, electric and cable bills!! ARGH! Someone remind me why I don't drink!?! Or at the very least tell me where to get one of those money trees that I just know my parents had at one time! :)

On the other hand.. the weather here last week was crap. Wednesday on the way to work I was so close to a car accident that I had to pick car parts off the front of my car in order to continue on my way to work. I was shaking so badly that I was trying to figure out how to drive my stick-shift car! The next day, Thursday on the way to work I witnessed an accident that killed a mother and her 12 year old son (they were from Kankekee Illinois, traveling through here to Delaware and she drove up under a stopped semi going 70 mph). I called Brad afterwards (yeah, cause that's safe) and told him, "Those poor people are dead. There is no way anyone survived that. The Grand Am they were in is gone.. nothing left but part of the back seat and the trunk." Turns out the woman's 6 year old daughter and her fiance' were both in the back seat and both survived. So that haunts me. The little girl seeing what happened to her mother and brother. All I could do was say a prayer as I drove by, and all day long. It's all I thought about.

So I guess the moral of the story is, no matter what bills are coming due that I can't pay, no matter how bad of a day I have at work (and I rarely have a bad day at work, because I choose not to!), or no matter that Brenna has the flu and Ashton has a cold so severe that I wouldn't recognize her on the phone! or that Brad's company has them cut down to just a few days a week, only enough to pay health insurance and 401K (which has really been bit in the butt as of late) that I have my life, and the life of my girls. For that I'm thankful.

Speaking of Thankful....

I got an email from a girl I went to high school with. Really made my day. Maybe she realized I'm a pretty cool chick! lol Here's a short excerpt from her email , "I loved you and Edie's High School post, I started to answer it but I think the majority of the answers would have been N/A due to me being way to uptight or judgmental at the time. If only I could go back and change that." (She's referring to a post on facebook). Anyway.. that got me thinking.... (scary I know)

There are a handful of people that I have always despised from High School. Listen, these people made it their life mission to make my life hell. They succeeded. I was miserable. They even went on to change my name in the yearbook to some fake name that they say I made up (I did not)(They were on the yearbook staff). So even in my yearbook when I go back to look at group pictures, say pep band etc It says a fake name, not mine, where my name should be. They would go up and down the halls and bark at me and call me a dog. I was so sad. The one thing I did was to hold my head up and give them the proverbial bird. But I will say and freely admit to the fact that that bullying has bothered me for 24 years. I'm trying very hard to figure out how to forgive them. Oh, no not to their face, I could care less. I need to forgive them for me. I'm gonna work on that. Anybody got a giant eraser or a time machine I can borrow?! :)

Anyway.. haven't blogged in forever so thought I would pop on for a few. Thanks for the email today... you know who you are.

Peaceout Girlscout

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Lauren said...

Wow that part about high school could have been me. Now maybe you understand my last post. Having been through difficult financial times and finding myself back there again I agree with you that we must find good in what we sue have. I don't always like my job but I have one. I may want to sell my house but I have one. My daughter and husband love me and that's really all that matters.