Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sexy men?? Who says??

Today I was looking at the cover of an old People magazine.. You know the one, the one with the "Sexiest men". I'll give them Hugh Jackman.. he is.. but only for the reasons I'll list a bit further down.

I don't see some of them. They're just "pretty boys". I haven't decided if it's the Ky girl in me, or if it's the way "I'm made".

As you all know, I hate dressing up.. I love casual, I like shorts, t shirts, jeans, Nikes, flip flops, or NO SHOES at all! I like camping, and riding motorcycles, and things like that. Opera and Symphony?? Really not my cup of tea.

Anyway.. I got to thinking, so what do I think is sexy? When I was in high school (before I really really knew what sexy was) I would have said, Patrick Swayze, Kevin Bacon, Bruce Springsteen (and yes, he's still sexy, cause he still fits my "idea of sexy".)

Now I'm 38 and I think I know what Sexy means to me. It means, rugged. Yep, rugged. You know, Carhart coats and bibs, not tuxes and Ralph Lauren slacks, laugh lines, a five o'clock shadow, trucks, salt and pepper hair, a working man, not one that has hired hands, laughter, a man with some meat on his bones! I just couldn't hardly find any men in that magazine that fit that profile! Except, Hugh Jackman. I'm not a Hugh Jackman fan, but at least he fit it (except his eye color, but that's just a personal choice of mine) What I did find is some "pretty men". Oh yes, there is a huge difference! I don't mean, oh-my-god-Bret-Michaels-looks-prettier-in-his-make-up-than-I-do kind of pretty, I just mean pretty to look at. But not to play with. ;) Example? Shamar Moore, Robert Buckley, Matt Damon. Ohh and who said David Beckham was sexy? ew. (again, personal choice)

I'd kinda like to see People Magazine do an expose' on what they think is Romantic! I bet they'd come up with silly things like Roses, wine, dancing, candle-lit dinners. When real women know that this stuff is nice.. cheesey.. but nice. Not Romantic. Romantic is the way he is with dogs, kids, old people.. the way he picks up when not asked to, the way he hugs, the way he touches, the way he looks at you and you KNOW he's crazy about you.. the way he keeps the yard nice and above all else, the most Romantic thing he can do... put the seat down. Ahhhh my fluttering heart!

Maybe I'm a rarity in my thoughts, but I don't think so. I think most normal women want the same man I've described. Not one that's pretty, but one that's fun to play with.

Peaceout Girlscout

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Lauren said...

Wow you are on a blogging role! Sexy to me is a beautiful pair of eyes and a bald head. Sexy is vacumming for me or doing the dishes. Do both in one day and i'm yours. Never did go for the pretty boy type either. My husband in a meat cutter and I love the way his hands handle the raw meat. I know that sounds gross but it's very primal/cavemanish.