Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Well, we got the "Ike leftovers" here in Indiana a couple of days ago. The power went out on Sunday from 4-9:30 pm. Whew, glad that was over (or so I thought)

Apparently, one of my neighbors had a tree that was "endangering the power lines". Okay.. so they shut the electricity off yesterday morning at 8:00. We JUST GOT IT BACK!! I am furious!

So, I'm slightly paranoid at night with no lights on (house was burnt a year ago etc) so I have no lights, no fan (have slept with a fan for as long as I can remember) (Brad works midnights so I was in a paranoid fit and heard every single noise there was and probably made up a few of my own!) and so I can't sleep! I knew I couldn't have my son (four-legged canine named Max) in the bed with me because he'd want to lay on top of me. I put him in his crate and he whined, and yelped like a pig.. finally I let him out and put him in bed with me and yes, he laid on me, and I was burning up. Paranoia be damned, I opened the bedroom window for some air!

I finally fall asleep at about 3-4 am, then of course have to get up and pee at 5 am, then my friend called my cell phone to make sure I was up at 6 am. ARGHH no sleep!!!

I get up, wake the girls up, who are already pissed at me for making them go to school when we have no electricity. (HELLOOOO I had to work!) I get in the shower (thank god for gas hot water heaters) and get out, get dressed quickly, do my make-up in the dark, and yes, it actually looked pretty decent lol Go down to the office at 7 am this morning and blow dry and curl my hair. I've had no sleep, patients from hell, Dr who wasn't in a very good mood either, a headache, heartburn, two freezers and a fridge full of ruined food.. which brings me to another gripe!!!

The electric company shut us off. NOT an act of God. They didn't tell us how long we'd be without power (pretty sure I'da remembered being told 27 freaking hours) and when I called yesterday after we were without for 9 hours he said he couldn't tell me how much longer. Should they not reimburse us for our loss of food! My neighbor brought this up today and I think she has a good point!

When the electric company finally came this morning, it took them less than two hours to get the job done!

The excuse they had for not doing it yesterday?? All of their crews are in Texas. Now, honest to god, I feel horrible for the folks in Texas, but should you not at least make sure you're not putting your state in jeopardy by sending all of your folks elsewhere?!?!?!?

Duke Energy KNOWS who they shut off power to. How about sending someone door to door (it was only 3 streets for gods sake) and say, look, you might wanna consider doing something with your food cause we're gonna shut ya down for 27 freaking hours!!!!

So, all day I've been crabby, tired, heartburn (and haven't even eaten a flipping thing) and now I have a house to clean, laundry to do, bills to pay, 64548 emails to check, freezers and fridges to clean out and dispose of, and I don't want to do any of it!!!! ARGGG

Did I mention a crabby 17 year old?? (who will be 18 in 28 days, and yes, I'm still getting the countdown) All of the flutes were to come here after school today to make shirts, and we didn't have power and we had to cancel so they weren't happy, therefore, she wasn't happy and lordy have mercy I don't know why I don't drink! lol

So, I really wanted to blog about songs that tick me off, but that'll have to wait till tomorrow, I'm tired, and I have too much to do!

Peaceout Girlscout!

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