Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wow... I'm beat tonight!!!

I worked today but then tonight we had a Band Fundraiser at Steak N Shake. Ashton works there and was working tonight.

I've never been in there when she was working as a Hostess, only when she was working drive-thru and I didn't really see her as it's in the back of the restaurant.

I can't believe MY little bitty teeny tiny baby girl works. It makes me so sad. Yes, I know she's almost 18, but she shouldn't be, and well, I didn't SAY she could be. (Which does NOT make this the first time she hasn't listened to me! ha)

I think we did fairly well with the fundraiser, there seemed to be quite a few people in there this evening.

Ohhh my funny story of the night; Jeanette and Caitlin joined me for supper (Brad was at work and Brenna ate there earlier with her Grandmaw) Sooo Caitlin goes to shake the ketchup to open it up and use it; Wellllll the lid wasn't on! OMG!! Ketchup flew everywhere!! Now I was sitting across the table from Jeanette and Caitlin and somehow she managed to soak my scrub pants on the left side of me, and my sock on the right side of me! She's just that talented folks. You can rent her for 5.00 a night at 555-555-1056. HA!

Okeys, well I'm really tired tonight and have tons to do tomorrow. Our first contest is Saturday so Jeanette and I have a boat-load of running around to do to get the stuff to make the kids (all 130 of 'em) food.

Peaceout Girlscout!

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