Monday, September 8, 2008

Random Ramblings

Ya know sometimes it's like a job to figure out a blog title! I mean come on, no one's reading this but me anyway right??!? lol

Tonight was back to school night at our high school. I now have a Senior and a Freshman. Brad was already at work so I sawed me in half and half of me went to one kids' classes and the other half went to the others. Okay, not really but come on. There is only one of me and two high-schoolers!

I had band booster stuff to do tonight too so I was already by the band room. Sooo I did what any good mommy does. I did the band booster stuff and then went to their first class (they both have band first hour so that was easy! lol)

I don't even agree with there being a back to school night! I mean seriously, can one teacher really meet and connect with 300 parents!!?? I think not. I think it's more about "come see what classes and teachers your kid has". Hmm here's a thought how about talking to your kid about their classes and their teachers. I can learn more at home from my girls than I can going to each of their classes for 7 minutes. Not to mention, I'm not from here, didn't go to school here and would STILL be at school (2 hours later) looking for 2nd hour!!!!

Kids aren't supposed to go to Back to school night so the teacher can't even "connect you with your child".

They bring home 7985 forms to sign after the first day of school along with a list of $98452.25 worth of supplies they need that first week. Shouldn't everyone be paying attention to that stuff?!!?

But wait!! I am Vice President of Band Boosters, have been one of the most active people involved in band for the last 4 years and I truly have NEVER had a piece of paper brought home to me by Ashton. Just tonight the band director is saying how some kids haven't gotten some paperwork signed and brought it. He said, "you should have gotten this orange folder" HUH??? Seriously.. I never get paper-work. Sad huh?!?! Considering I'm as involved with band as I am! lol

Ahhh well.

My friend and I have decided that since her daughter turned 18 and mine will turn 18 in 36 days (yes she counts this down to me daily) that they are far more intelligent and know wayyy more than we know anyway. Damn we're dumb.

I forget when it is that we'll get smart again. I think my parents got stupid when I was about 16 and didn't grow a brain again till I was about 21 or 22. I don't understand what happens to parents those few years but man they get STUPID! Guess it's just my turn. Ohh wait, maybe it's because we have to remember a bazillion things, cook, clean, work, check homework, haul kids everywhere, juggle bills, rob peter to pay paul (pretty sure peters even broke now) do laundry, be "volunteers", cry and hurt for our children, do yard-work, take care of pets, ohh and sleep for a couple of hours a day. Yeah, we don't have anything on our plates lol.

I love when Ashton's mad at me though.. like tonight, she wanted to go to her classes with me and she had band practice, I told her no. So when I was in the band booster room, she walked by and I yelled, "I love you Ash". Of course I got the "go to hell" look! lol Again, like I said in a previous blog; it's fun to return the "pissing off" bit!

I gotta say, I love my girls, and for the most part they "suck it up", "tough it out", and "live it up". But man... sometimes I wonder if I've done my part.....

peace out girlscout!

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