Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Anniversary Baby! ~~~~singing away~~~~

Very good thing you guys couldn't hear me singing that! No one deserves that.. although.. my dear dear friend Kat gets tortured with my singing on occassion. Don't worry.. she sings to me too. Leaves messages on my cell voice mail singing, "My names not Lisaaaaaaaaaa". Never said I had friends that were sane, or had any singing ability whatsoever.

Anyway.. today is our Anniversary. We've been married 15 years (for those trying to figure out about the fact that we have an almost 18 year old I'll address that issue either later or tomorrow) Not all 5,475 (yes I used the calculator) days have been wonderful.. in fact some have been just plain bad... but I would NOT trade one of those days for anything. It's what's made us who we are. Two very happily married, in love people.

I guess in some ways we have the "ideal life". We have the 2 kids, a canine son (no, he's not a D-O-G just cause he has four legs and a tail), nice home, etc. Only thing we're lacking is the money stuff... I think it's green.. 'bout all I can remember about it it's been so long since I've seen it lol

Do you ever wonder where different roads might have led you? I sometimes wonder that. Not because I regret being married, or wish I was with someone else (okay okay so the Springsteen fantasies have been there lol) but you just wonder. What if I had not been married once before when I was 19 and gotten divorced 10 months later with a newborn infant? Well, I wouldn't have Ashton and I kinda like her :) But just little things.. what if we hadn't done that, or we would have done that... I don't live with regrets EVER. Heck the only one I had I took care of this past March (seeing Springsteen LIVE).

I wonder how many people think they married a best friend? Or if they enjoy doing things with them? Or if they have hobbies they enjoy together? Brad and I like to do the same things.. amusement parks, casino (if we had money), computer games, same television shows etc. But there are healthy number of things we don't enjoy of each others'. For instance, I love to read. I have never in 16 years of being together seen Brad pick up a book. Hell, he even avoids the book of instructions that come with "big items" he needs to put together! (whole 'nother blog though folks lol) He likes to play some games on the computer (with my bro-in-law) that I would NEVER play. He loves the sun, I would be happy if it never got above 72 degrees. He'll drink Coke , I would NEVER touch a Coke!!, He's quite, laid back and shy, and I'm... well, I'm none of that lol

I guess my point is we have a perfect match-up. I wouldn't trade him for all the money in the world, and I don't think he'd trade me.. well, maybe for all the money! lol

Happy Anniversary Brad. I'm so thankful for you.

peaceout girlscout

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