Sunday, September 14, 2008

First Band Competition

Yesterday was the first band competition of the season! Seems like it got here awfully fast!

Jeanette and I had just got done making the food for the kids to eat for supper and Ashton calls me, crying! She said, "Mom, can you come here I got smoked". I'm like WHAT!? Does that mean! lol

They were marching and she got hit in the elbow (hard) by a guard flag. We ended up in the ER and she has a hair-line fracture in her left elbow! She still marched and we took 2nd! Which we deserved and are proud to get!

This is the 2nd time Ashton's ended up in the ER from Marching Band! I know, I know, you would expect this from football, NOT Marching! lol

Her Freshman year she locked her knees and passed out and took a hard fall down, in the band room. Took out a couple of clarinet players and a stand or two. She didn't break anything then, but then we have her senior year! I guess she came in with a bang, she'll go out with a bang! lol

We competed against Greenwood, Greenfield, and Bloomington. Greenwood came in first.. as they should! They are awesome!! HUGE!!!!!!!!!!! They've won state every year we've been in this. They will again this year! We're class B, but Brad said Greenwood could easily beat all of the Class A bands! They took all "caption" awards (again, not surprised) but we were pretty close in points to them!

Who knows, with more practice, maybe we could beat Greenwood once or twice!

I suppose I should end this and do some laundry. I seriously need to find that laundry fairy and see why she hasn't been stopping by!!!

Peaceout Girlscout!

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